We have been breeding rabbits for over a decade and only the strongest and prettiest have been bred.  Rabbits are regularly handled and let out to run and play daily.

Our rabbits diet consist mainly on a high protein pellet, hay and fresh greens every day.  

We only breed the strongest rabbits. 

Main Stock includes:
French Lop eared rabbits, These are Large Rabbits, various colours available, please see French Lops.  Blue Eyed Whites (also known as BEWS) are also available but are usually reserved as they are sold very quickly.  

French Lop BEWS are sold at a cost starting from £45 dependent on their age.  

French Lops start at £40 dependent on their age.


New Zealand White rabbits (also know as NZW) are a resilient rabbit, all white with red eyes.  Ears are pointy. 

NZW's are sold from £30, dependent on age.


Rabbits are sold with food and hay for a couple of days and advice is always available at anytime.

Please do bring a suitable carrier, a large durable cardboard box will do.


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